Reconfigurable add/drop (ROADM)

Reconfigurable add/drop (ROADM)

The device adds and drops the wavelength channels for the DWDM multiplex without converting them to electronic signal and back. It balances the channels without direct technical servicing.

Product description

The distribution of optical channels is often strongly conditioned by hardware configuration. Each modification requires the intervention of technical support at the spot of the optical element’s operation. Such demands may be minimized by using the reconfigurable optical Add-Drop Multiplexer. This device allows for remotely configuring the distribution of the optical channels from the comfort of your office and without the need for direct technical servicing. The Czech Light ROADM contains a flexible wavelength-selective switching module and an optical channel monitor, along with an embedded controller based on the Linux platform. It may also contain an integrated EDFA amplifier. Thanks to its multi-port optical channel monitor, the ROADM may be connected to other external optical devices for monitoring optical channels. The configuration of the device is made easy by its intuitive web-based interface. Czech Light ROADM supports 40-channel multiplexing with Flexi-grid channel separations of ± 12.5 GHz. The device monitors the performance of each channel separately and allows for automatic balancing of input power.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram — Reconfigurable add/drop (ROADM)

Areas of Use

Product type Use
C-Band ROADM Classic DWDM ITU-T ch.20-60 Transfers


Mark Use
CL-ROADM C-Band Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
CL-ROADM+EDFA CL-ROADM with integrated EDFA module

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