Switch/Multicast switch

Switch/Multicast switch

The device switches optical fibers between their various destinations. Simply put, it is an “intelligent patch panel”. It can also route a few percent of the optical power to a monitoring tap port.

Product description

The optical switch is an important component of any state-of-the-art optical network. The Czech Light Switch (CLS) is a device which switches optical signals from the inputs into the specified outputs. The Czech Light Multicast optical switch (CLM) is a further modification which switches the signal from each input to one or more outputs. The switches may be used as intelligent patch panels which, thanks to their non-mechanical switching, maximize the repeatability of connections. The Czech Light Switch contains a switch matrix and an embedded controller, allowing for remote access and configuration. All is mediated by an intuitive, web-based interface. This possibility of remote access allows, for example, the configuration of a backup circuit which may be implemented in case of problems with the main communications route. The comfortable option of remote configuration and the high repeatability of switching are some of the reasons this device is often used in laboratories, test beds or manufacturing centers.

Schematic Diagrams

Schematic Diagram – Switch/Multicast switch
Schematic Diagram – Switch/Multicast switch

Areas of Use

Product type Use
C-Band Unicast Switch Classic DWDM ITU-T ch.20-60 Transfers with NxM switching
Wide Band Unicast Switch NxM switching for wavelength from 680-1600 nm
C-Band Multicast Switch NxM switching with multicasting between outputs


Mark Use
CLS-16x16 Wide Band (MEMS) switch with 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Or Smart Patchpanel With remote control.
CLM-16x16 C-Band 16x16 Multicast Switch
CLS-8x8 C-Band 8x8 witch with 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

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