Variable MUX/DEMUX

Variable MUX/DEMUX

The device joins/splits, balances and monitors DWDM channels at the beginning or end of the fiber communications. It can turn channels on and off without direct servicing by a technician.

Product description

The optical multiplexer is one of the main components of any modern DWDM transmission system. The Czech Light Variable Multiplexer facilitates the combination or separation of individual optical channels in the DWDM multiplex. An important advantage is its ability to balance the optical performance levels of the multiplex signal, which is necessary for subsequent amplification. An intuitive web-based interface allows for the device’s remote configuration, as well as for remote performance monitoring of the individual optical channels. This allows for a quick and simple reaction to any irregularities or changes in the operation without the need for manual intervention (i.e. without direct technical support).

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram — Variable MUX/DEMUX

Areas of Use

Product type Use
C-Band VMUX Classic DWDM ITU-T ch.20-60 Transfers
L-Band VMUX DWDM Transfers in 1566-1610 nm


Mark Use
CL-VMUX C-Band Variable Multiplexer
CL-VMUX+OCM C-Band Variable Multiplexer with Optical Channel Monitor

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