Wavelength switch (WSS)

Wavelength switch (WSS)

The device routes DWDM channels between optical fibers without converting them to electric signal and back. It equalizes the optical spectrum.

Product description

The Czech Light selective Wavelength Switch is a very specific device which is used for routing optical channels from one optical fiber to an optical fiber of a different port. This device allows for remotely configuring the distribution of optical channels to various ports from the comfort of your office and without the need for direct technical support. Czech Light WSS contains various types of flexible selective wavelength switches including an optical channel monitor, as well as a embedded controller based on the Linux platform. The intuitive web-based interface allows for the device’s remote configuration and for remote performance monitoring of the individual optical channels, allowing for a quick and simple response to any irregularities or changes in its operation, and without the need for direct, manual intervention (i.e. without the need for direct technical support). The individual types of the Czech Light selective wavelength switch may be modified on demand for the purposes of the DWDM lines’ technical specifics.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram — Wavelength switch (WSS)

Areas of Use

Product type Use
C-Band WSS Classic DWDM ITU-T ch.20-60 Transfers


Mark Use
CL-WSS-3DEG C-Band Wavelength Selective Switch for 3 lines (3 degree ROADM)
CL-WSS-4DEG C-Band Wavelength Selective Switch for 4 lines (4 degree ROADM)

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