Product description

Optical amplifiers are used in C- and L- band telecommunications for bidirectional transmission of data, special photonic services or CATV. The Czech Light CLA amplifiers are modular devices which use commercially accessible modules of Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) along with an embedded computer built upon a Linux platform. A user-friendly, web-based control interface allows you to remotely configure the device from the comfort of your office. The optical amplifiers used in telecommunications are equipped with the function of balancing the input signal for more than 32 input channels. Amplifiers used for CATV are able to distribute signal to as many as 64 end customers. All types of optical amplifiers may be modified upon request, both in terms of their power levels and their software.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram — Amplifier

Areas of Use

Product Type Use
C-Band EDFA Classic DWDM ITU-T ch.20-60 Transfers
L-Band EDFA DWDM Transfers in 1566-1610 nm
BiDi EDFA Special Bidirectional Transfers in Single Fiber
CATV EDFA Power Amplifier with parameters for Cable TV Systems


Mark Use
CLA-PB01F C-Band Booster-Preamp for DWDM line endpoints
CLA-DI01F C-Band Dual-Inline for inline amplification
CLA-BiDi-23 C-Band bidirectional amplifier with 23 dB gain

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